Map of the area.

CRYSTAL HOUSE SUITE HOTEL & SPA is located in the historical center of the city on the shore of the Lower Lake, which was previously called the Royal Lake. It is the oldest man-made structure that has survived to this day, since it was created by the Teutonic knights in 1256.

While enjoying a walk along the Lower Lake, you will reach the Historical and Art Museum, the Amber Museum and the historic Rosgarten Gate, which are located next to the picturesque Upper Lake, located in the Maraunenhof district. 

Moving towards the Pregolya River, you will reach the Fishing Village and Kant Island in 15 minutes, where the Cathedral with a magnificent Organ Hall, the tomb of Immanuel Kant and the sculpture park are located. Walking along the river bank, you will reach the Museum of the World Ocean with the ship "Vityaz", the museum complex and the aquarium. 

Going for a walk towards Mira Avenue, you will be able to enjoy the view of the Queen Louise Church – now a fabulous Puppet Theater, and also get into the magical atmosphere of the historic district of Amalienau.